MITERA Hospital CO-Generation Project 0.5 MW

The scope of the Project is the preparation of the Detailed Final Design, the erection, procurement and installation of the CHP equipment, the commissioning, the maintenance of the Project, the supply of spare parts and the training of the personnel.

The primary equipment includes a WAUKESHA Gas Enginator®, Model VGF36GLD, with an electrical output of 0.5 MW, while the thermal energy will be recovered by Heat exchangers for Hot water production. This energy will feed one LS Hot Water driven Absorption Chiller with 180 RT capacity, for cooling in summer or for the Hospital’s heating network in winter. Also the heat rejected from the engine’s auxiliary cooling system will be recovered by Heat Exchangers for hot water production.

The scope of works also includes the electromechanical systems, such as: ventilation, medium and low voltage, signaling, tele-monitoring, lighting, fire detection, fire fighting, etc.


The overall deadline for the execution of the Project is seven (7) months.